An October tradition

Our annual trip to the pumpkin patch is one of my favorite times of year.

I won't lie.  We totally go for the food, too.

Does that sign say don't climb on the pumpkins? 


And this is my little comedian when I asked him to take a picture for our Halloween card.  Just.  Darling.

And after we've enjoyed our time skipping through the fields of pumpkins, holding hands and smiling for portraits as a family (ha), I get real.

Ah, the fabulous fall favorite, Home Depot.

And if you wait long enough to get real, you can save some money.

Happy Halloween!


  1. gorgeous pictures! Looks like you had a great day with your family!

  2. Are you at Bengston's? I LOVE this place! We used to go there every year before we moved. It's a beautiful pumpkin patch!

  3. Ahhhhh...... October is the BEST month! Those photos were perfect with my morning coffee :)

  4. I love these images, Cheryl, they are wonderful. Autumn is my favorite season. Thanks for sharing these!!!! Sondra

  5. Great photos! What a wonderful pumpkin patch! I'm so glad you got real and went to HD, I saw the sign at the that's a lot per pound! Happy Halloween!!!

  6. Ooh do you have a highland cow at your pumpkin patch?? Very cool!! Your pictures are great, I have serious camera envy! You were my point and shoot hero! Now that even my hero has moved on I am dropping some serious hints to my family for my big 3 oh next year. I gotta get me some kit I think xx

    Happy Halloween x

  7. Those pictures are fabulous! What a wonderful day!

  8. omygoodness.gracious! your photos are beautiful! found you via life in grace.

  9. le tue foto sono belle mi piace anche a me fare delle foto fermare i dettagli ,sono belle i miei complimenti grazie ,sono un incanto .... buona giornata a tutti ...lili


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