I've said it a million times--I love fall.  Right now, I'm enjoying the turning leaves and sweaters I haven't worn in months.  The general autumny-ness of the moment is awesome. 

There's this thing about fall, though.  Winter always follows. 


So, to bring a little life inside to what I know is going to be a spring-starved house, I bring my geraniums inside.  Did you know you could overwinter them?   

I don't do anything fancy.  If you're the fancy type, click on that link and see what Martha recommends.  I just bring them inside in early October, re-pot them, and put the pot in a sunny window. 

And to all you Southerners and Californians who think winter is 60 lucky ducks don't know how good you have it!


  1. I think I am the opposite, part if why I love autumn so much is because winter follows! I'm all about the cold lol

    great idea for your plants and I love the tin you chose x

  2. Thanks for the info!! I am a Southerner and we get 35 degrees, which IS cold...I'll have to try this with my geraniums.

  3. If I grew Geraniums they would be frozen by now. We've had several below freezing nights already. Snow is often here for Halloween. Six months of cold winter... I don't think Geraniums will cut it... I need a holiday to the Caribbean. : )

  4. Hop by and say hello! You have a beautiful blog.

  5. great photo! Geranios are beautiful and smell very well. Here, the spring has just arrived. on july I made an apron inspired in yours. It's so cute!. bye.

  6. I'm enjoying the onset of autumn too! Have you had any of the scented geraniums as house plants? They smell lovely and are just as pretty as the non-scented varieties! :)

  7. I love fall too...but am not looking forward to winter.

    Just wanted you to know that I saw your lovely vintage earring push pins on the etsy home page! I was excited when I saw them!


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