Calling all advertisers!

I couldn't believe it when I looked at the calendar yesterday...we're a mere two months away from Christmas.  Yikes. 

How does time fly so fast?? my effort to keep this Christmas as handmade as possible, I'm looking for super cool creative businesses, crafters, and bloggers to advertise for the holidays.

If advertising here sounds good to you, email me at cls1981 at att dot net for more info on my affordable rates.


  1. i just love all your pictures! they are always so warm & cozy.

    so excited for my new ad spot on your "COOL" blog. ;)

  2. I'm very new to the bloggy world so please forgive my ignorance but how do you get someone to advertize on your blog and what do you charge for this-thanks for any info you can spare!!

  3. Wonderful image, I love this! Can't wait to dive into your blog more, Cheryl. It is a beauty!


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