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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So long, summer

Autumn's arrived! 

It might be 88 degrees here today, but I won't get caught up in details. I'm still dreaming of hay bales, mums and baskets full of gourds.

(Along with every other blogger out there), fall is my favorite season.  Football, changing leaves, crisp and cool mornings, apple picking, pumpkin patches...

It's such a wonderful time of year. My boys have been talking costumes since Costco started putting out Halloween decorations--over a month now. They're both going to be firemen as of today, but that's subject to change dozens of times (per day) between now and the big day.

The start of fall is also my signal to get it in gear.  Christmas is a mere 3 months away.  I have my (long) handmade gift list started, with hopes of finishing before Thanksgiving.  Last year I didn't start until after Halloween, and ended up working until the last minute.  This year, I am promising myself not to miss the little moments of December because I'm so frazzled.

How did this turn to me talking about Christmas?? 

Anywho, here's to nights snuggled in cozy sweaters drinking hot apple cider!  Happy Fall!


  1. Even though I live in California. I love the fall so much!!!

  2. I love the fall too. It is still in the 90s here, ugh, so ready for cooler temps!

  3. We are 66 degrees here in SLC, UT! Its been raining since 11:00am! Welcome FALL! I love this time of year!

  4. I'm so happy someone else thinks like me! Ooh I love this time of year! I love autumn and winter! I'm a cold weather girl! I look forward to the cold days like everyone else dreams of long hot summers. I am looking forward to some inspiration for Christmas gifts (hint hint) xx

  5. I am in love with Fall and everything about it. I can't wait to go camping in a couple of weeks and spend some time in nature!

  6. There's going to be a high of 92 here today but I'm still ready for Fall. I love pretty much everything about it. I do need to start putting things away for Christmas...ah, Christmas.

  7. Happy Fall to you as well! You're not the only blogger thinking about handmade Christmas gifts! I have a feeling that things will get pushed until last minute yet again this year. I try so hard to plan ahead but something always comes up :)

  8. Just had apple crisp and it was Autumny~goodness..faves!

  9. We are visiting family in Spain and I'm so excited to experience Fall... back in Florida it was still in the low 90's when we left last week. I too love everything about Fall and it's one of the things I miss the most about home.

    P.S. We got the beautiful bunting you sent and I finally got to blog about it, I'm a bit behind since we are in Spain for a couple of weeks. We loved it and my daughter claimed it as her own. Thanks again for such a sweet gesture!

  10. Yes...here's to autumn!! I love it:):)

  11. My rudbeckia looks JUST like that!


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