A happy weekend

Hi friends!  We had another super weekend!

Friday, my sister and her husband came over (much to the delight of my boys) with this little guy.

The grown ups had a lot of fun, too.  Maybe too much.

Then Saturday was going to be my big day of the farmers' market, flea markets and Renegade

Of course, with my luck, it rained.  Boo.

I did make it out to Renegade in the afternoon, though.  Let me just say, so, so, so awesome!  Super cool vendors, with super cool stuff.  I left feeling inspired and like I should race home to my sewing machine...so many creative people together totally motivated me and made me want to rise to the occasion and get my own creative juices flowing.  I love it! 

I was a little nervous about taking pictures of booths, for fear someone would think I was going home to recreate their items, so I tried to stick to the creative atmosphere. 

Walking home is where I saw this:

Saturday evening, there was a party for a girl that's about to enter the final descent of her 20s.  As depressing as that is, cake and presents do take the edge off.

Besides, I'll still be 28 for a few more days...

Gift cards don't make for very exciting pictures, but my sister bought this for me.  Details to come as I work my way through it...

Sunday was a wonderful, Indian Summer kind of day.  The boys and I took full advantage while Daddy was at the Bears' game.

I really, really, really, REALLY wanted those green picnic baskets.  I mean, who wouldn't?  Their vintagey-ness is amazing.  And that green?  Oh, I want to marry them.

Do you see that price tag, though? 


An exclamation point?  Ouch. 

Sorry, friends.  I wanted to take you home. 

For some reason, I thought this fire plug was pretty and felt like taking a picture. 

I got up from taking the picture to find an old man snickering to his wife.  Clearly, they are not bloggers.  Whatev.  They would understand if they were.

Of course, my two sidekicks did not attend a flea market out of the goodness of their little hearts.  Bribes were necessary.

And this is my advice to moms of toddlers: a literal ice cream cone is just as good as an "ice cream cone" that is actually filled with ice cream. 

But it doesn't drip. 

It's not (extremely) sticky. 

They're still happy. 

And you're not using Oxyclean to get ice cream out of their socks. (And never mind the 6 bucks you just saved on ice cream shop ice cream.)

You're welcome.

They never finish it all, anyway.

A few of the things that did manage to find their way home from the flea market:

My 1 year old is a good speller, huh? 

And then, just as we were getting ready to head back out to play, my little guy got hot and didn't feel well, so we spent the rest of the day on the couch watching movies and drinking every mom's sick child cure-all.

The little monkey woke up today telling me he was still very sick (and needed more pop).

Con artist.

Have a super week, everyone!


  1. oh it looks like you had a fabulous weekend! I also love those picnic baskets, but not for $95! eek!

  2. I love your blog !
    best regards,
    marylin in France

  3. I took a picture of a fire hydrant once after a big snow storm, and an older gentlemen asked me if I didn't have them where I was from. He thought he was pretty clever!

  4. What fun & colorful inspiration!

  5. Cheryl,
    You made me homesick for Illinois today. I miss Oberweiss ice cream. We had one right down the road from our house and on a hot summer evening we would always head out to get some.

  6. Wow, there are so many things I loved in your post but I would kill for that jar filled with marbles!!!

  7. So great... Just I love... One, two, three, four... photos... Not all !

  8. What an awesome weekend you had...I wish I could have been there!!! I loved the experience through your camera lens!! Enjoy your new sewing books.

  9. Love all of your colorful pics......Fun! Fun! FUN!

  10. My little dude would say anything for more sprite!

  11. Wow...what a fabulous post. Your collection of photos where so much fun to look at. They made me feel like I was there with you all. Can understand why you really wanted the green baskets, and I can also understand why you didn’t take them home with you.

    Genie @ Buttons for Baga

  12. I don't have any understanding of how you possibly take two toddlers fleamarketing...successfully!
    I have two of my own and I struggle to get through the drive-thru for a coffee without both of them removing shoes and socks, taking all ponytails and clips out of perfectly coiffed hair and putting the windows down with the newly free toes...as their little hands can't reach...lol :)

    Good on ya, for getting out and enjoying something you enjoy. And GREAT tip on the icecream CONES!! I love it ;)

  13. Looks like a great weekend - I don't even mind cuddling with a little sick kiddo, as long as I have some reading material. Looks like you're covered in that area! Hope he feels better soon.

  14. Love your blog and the eye candy!

  15. Great post and great pictures! Looks like Ya'll had FUN!

  16. I live in the Chicago area and have seen three Chicago area bloggers talk about the Renegade fair! How did I miss this?! Does it happen every year? Boy, I feel like I missed out on a great time! :)

    -ashley @ sunnysideshlee.com

  17. This post has been killing me! Something is up with my Internet and it wouldn't load photos!! I have been trying at least 10 times a day to load these since you posted! Lol. FINALLY I got to see them today and they are still killing ne!! I am very jealous! The fair looks awesome, the flea Market looks like so much fun( but very expensive!!) and then you just threw some ice cream in there at the end. I am green lol.

    Hope your little man is on the mend xx

  18. I love this post and all of the pictures...even the hydrant! $95...wow. I hope your little man feels better. My Caleb would have asked for pop too. He actually tells me he's sick so he can have the yummy medicine.

  19. bel mercatino ,oggi anche nell mio piccolo borgo ce il mercatino dell usato dovrei fare un giro chi sa se trovo quella vecchia sedia da rimodernare ci si trova sempre qualcosa di bello in mezzo -buone idee sempre lili


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