The unintentional break

I guess time just slipped away from me over the past week.  Whoops.  But a week later, I'm back!

Last week...

we ate our weight in veggies from our garden.  Who knew my itty bitty garden of tomato and cucumber plants could produce so much?

I went thrifting, but sadly, came home empty handed.

we made yet another trip to the zoo.

I got back to running...15 miles in my first week.  And ps. these shoes are awesome.

we made dill pickles, bread, and even more jam.  Pickle recipe coming soon.

I worked on a bunch of custom orders and new things for the shop.

two words: Project Runway!

My 3 year old also discovered the fun of paper planes.  What I lack in origami skills, I make up for in airplane folding.  What a mom.

I'm also sharing a favorite project at a good friend's blog today.  Go see!

Craftiness and projects back tomorrow.



  1. Aren't veggies from the garden delicious! We don't have one, but some friends do and they have been gracious enough to share! You've been one busy lady. Glad to see you back :)

  2. Ha, I was just thinking yesterday that I wondered what you were up to. Sounds like all good stuff and fun times with your boys. I can't wait to see about the pickles. Those tomatoes look beautiful.

  3. My tomatoes are still very little and very green. I fear we haven't had enough warm weather for them to ripen. But my fingers are crossed.

  4. your vegetables look fantastic. i'm jealous, i only had the energy for an herb garden this year!

  5. Woohoo for project runway! I thought the guy who designed the "stripper dress" for the pole dancer in Dubai ought to have gone home. ;)

  6. Yay! Looking forward to seeing what you've got for us!

  7. Veggies look wonderful. I have been obsessed with all things from the garden.

  8. Welcome to my world of paper airplanes. Alex is obsessed with them... but there are some websites that show you how to make some really really cool ones!

  9. I am definitely making pickles before this summer is through...the spices are in the cupboard waiting...and...PAPER AIRPLANES...why didn't I think of that!! My 3yo would LOVE THEM!! So glad I stopped by :)

  10. Your photography always ROCKS! Love the ribbon on the jars. :)

  11. Glad to have you "back" lol. Sound slike lots of summer fun, your tomatoes look so sweet and tasty! yummy xx


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