Lovely party ideas from Corey

Good morning!
My name is Corey Villicana from Life With Little Ones.
I 'm thrilled to be a guest here today... Thank you so much for having me!

When thinking of what I might share with you, 
the thought of party planning quickly crossed my mind.

Planning a party for me is a great deal of fun. 
I thoroughly enjoy the creative process and the opportunity to 
 honor the person who is receiving the celebration.

Being the mother of two little boys has really pushed me 
to challenge myself when it comes to new and exciting ways to surprise and delight!

So how about a few suggestions to ensure an amazing party?

Here are my top four must have items to make any type of party memorable.

Number One
A beautiful invitation.
Number Two
Sweet treats and gorgeous goodie bags.
Number Three
A special something for the honoree.
Number Four
(And possibly the most important)
An awesome cake...
(Or cupcakes!)
To view more of my party tips and a plethora of other ideas, please visit me here.
Thank you so very much.


  1. REALLY cute ideas! Thanks for sharing them!

  2. Love the gum drop cake...and of course, all the rest of the stuff too!

  3. Great tips! I agree 100% LOVE your style as always too...ok, I'm off to read what else you have to say. ;)

  4. Ok, I was totally confused but I think I get it now. :) This is a guest post? Well, I'm still loving the party ideas! Thank you.

  5. What great and fun ideas!!!!


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