Life's just a bowl of cherries

It's that time again...cherries are in season (and on sale)!  So that means breaking out that cherry pitter I told you aboutIt's funny/kind of scary looking back at some of my early posts...I had no clue about blogging! 

This time my boys devoured nearly the entire bowl, so there won't be any pie for us this weekend, but go ahead and try my recipe, it's yummy!  I promise.

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. I ♥ Cherries! And while pitting them the other day, my pitter broke :( You just reminded me I need to go shopping!!! HA! Have a great weekend!

  2. I hate cherries, but they look SO good,
    I'll have to make my husband a cherry pie though, he'll love it!

  3. I so need a cherry pitter. They looked so good at the farmer's market today.

  4. Hmmm, I saw absolutely nothing wrong with your early blog. Nothing whatsoevah.


  5. I too love cherries! Yum! We just had some a while ago and boy they were good. The cherry tree that we have at the farm are also ready to pick. Yaye! Cherries! Cherries! Thanks for sharing ur recipe. :)

  6. I just posted about cherries too! :) LOVE LOVE them, happy summer eating.


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