Card case

Did you get your free business cards from moo and etsy yet?  Mine came last week.  I love them!  I knew I had to make a case to match.

This is what I did:

You'll need 2 pieces of fabric, 5 x 12 each, as well as a piece of interfacing in the same size.  (I used two different patterns, but the inside fabric is really not visible.) 

Fuse the interfacing to the wrong side of one piece of fabric.

Pin fabric pieces, right sides together, and sew.  Leave a gap for turning.

Then you know the drill: snip the corners (be careful not to cut any stitches).

Turn right side out.

Poke out the corners with a knitting needle and press.

Topstitch, being sure to sew the opening shut.

Then iron your topstitched fabric in half, being sure to make a crease in the middle.

Iron each side in towards the crease.

Pin the flaps in place and sew directly on top of your line of stitching.

And there you go!  An easy little card case to match your fancy new cards. 


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  2. Your creativity inspires me. Love it!

  3. That is cute! I love that you thought to make a card holder out of fabric. You are amazing!

    Also, do you know where your green polka dot fabric came from? I decided to embark on making my first quilt and I'm doing a toddler quilt for my little girl in greens, purples and whites for her palm tree/surfer girl room.


  4. love the TUT and thanks for the free card tip. I just ordered some. yours are darling.

  5. So clever! Thanks for the tutorial!

  6. I love this card holder... I recently made a 'no sew' card holder from a gum pack and scraps of fabric... check out my blog

  7. What a darling card holder and you always give the best tutorials! Thanks so much for that.

  8. I really need one of those. Great tutorial. Guess that means I need to dust off the sewing machine:)
    or ask my mom to do it. She made me the dishmat recently and I love it. Your are full of wonderful ideas!

  9. Love the coordinating! How chic you will look when you whip out a card :)

  10. Thanks for sharing, I think I may need one of those. Jackie

  11. That's great. Thanks for sharing!
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  12. Lovely and simple. Best wishes with SYTYC.

  13. i did this tutorial a few months ago...and then i randomly clicked on one of my follower's shop about a week later...and there they were. for sale. bummer :(

    great tutorial! :)

  14. This is great. Will be trying this along with another patter I found this week.


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