Random acts of kindness

Yesterday I dropped off a box of these goodies on my husband's aunt's doorstep. 

At Christmas, I overheard her saying that peanut butter kiss cookies are her favorite.  I thought this Valentine version would be a great surprise and brighten her day!

And don't judge my baking sheet...it's so ugly, but it cooks so evenly!

I think it's safe to say I enjoy packaging gifts as much as making the gifts themselves.

Then I started making chocolate dipped marshmallows, another of my all time favorites.

I slipped these into clear bags with hot chocolate mix as little thank yous for our awesome neighbors.  That's the kind of neighborhood we live in.  If one neighbor is out shoveling or using their snowblower, they do everyone's sidewalk. 

Seriously, they all rock.

And I'm so glad I made a ton...I almost forgot to bring a treat for my 3 year old's soccer coach this morning! 

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


  1. How LOVEly! You are so thoughtful!

  2. These look delish! I’m sure everyone will love and appreciate them.
    I wish we had a neighborhood like that. We good friends with a couple across the street from us but that’s about it.
    Happy Valentine’s Day to ya. Hope it’s filled with lots of love and warm Fuzzies.


  3. Oh - I love those kind of cookies, and what a cute idea to use the chocolate hearts in honor of Valentine's Day.

    And, I'm a sucker for great wrapping and I simply adore the way you have packaged your goodies. So very sweet and clever!

    Happy Valentine's Day, Cheryl!

  4. How sweet you are. I love the heart chocolates, I'm not a fan of chocolate kisses, just real ones, lol. I love how you dried the marshmallows, I'm gonna use that idea.

    Have a happy Valentines Day with all you valentines!

  5. Such a thoughtful and tasty gift to give. Love the little chocolate hearts on top of the cookies too.

    Happy Valentine's Day
    The Blue Ridge Gal

  6. Love it! You are so thoughtful! Your neighbors and friends seem very lucky to have you in their lives!

  7. I love the treats! I never thought of using heart chocolates in place of kisses...you are smart! They must lay nice and flat in the box while packaging. Also, I think I am moving to your neighborhood. We could all use more helping and friendly neighbors!

  8. Those looks SOOOO good! One of my favorite cookies,too :)

  9. i am fairly new to your blog and love it, but i love cookies so simple and so cute.

  10. Yummy looking treats, and such cute packaages! Jackie

  11. I KNEW you were one of the sweetest people ever...this is proof!

  12. I love your ideas! And I have a similarly wonderful neighborhood. After all this snow I'd like to share some goodies with my neighbors. Any suggestions for a Happy Easter or a Happy Spring simple thank you gift?

  13. Your chocolate marshmallows look really yummy! What kind of chocolate do you use to coat the marshmallows?


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