Much better

With all the Valentine treats and fun of the past few days, I didn't have a chance to sew.  I missed it.  Seriously.

My quick fix:  new pillow covers for our family room.  I made them the same way I showed how to do here, so a whole room's worth of pillows took me less than an hour.

Ahhhhh.  Much better.

IKEA fabric, in case you care.


  1. I BIG PUFFY HEART Ikea fabric...well, I big puffy heart just about everything Ikea.

  2. I'm lovin' those red pillows...

  3. I'm not hungry for a treat and feel like I should sew something after looking over your blog. Even though I don't know how to sew. :)

  4. They look lovely! I need to do something with ours, they are comfy, but not pretty. They're the ones that come WITH the couch.

  5. Love the fabric!!! Glad you are back sewing :-)


  6. Those are beautiful--and they sound so quick to make! I'll have to go check out your other link because your way sounds MUCH faster than the way I've been making them.

    ~ Sarah

  7. cute! I love how a little change in accent color with pillows can change the feel of a room!

  8. Loving the fabric you picked out.

  9. I had no idea IKEA had such cute fabric! I will have to remember that...
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I visited yours at least 3 times yesterday - I am completely in love with that ruffled apron! I may have to buy it...


  10. GORG.E.OUS! Just found your blog via Kimba & I can't wait to check the rest out!

  11. I am wearing the heart apron I bought from your etsy shop on my blog today and I give you a shout out! I love, love that Ikea fabric and the apron just makes me happy! Thank you!

  12. Love your blog and etsy site. Wonderful pictures. Very inviting.
    I have an etsy site too:
    I'm adding you to my favorites!

  13. Love that fabric! Nothing brightens up a room like new pillows, you've inspired me to make some more! :)

  14. Cheryl -
    You just amaze me. I love your projects! So so cute!

    Thanks for linking up!!!



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