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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cute little dishmat

Last night I pieced together my very favorite combination of fabrics to make a dishmat, inspired by this one made by Darby.

I try to avoid plastics and use glass where I can when it comes to food and dishes in our home.  One place I can't skip plastic, though, is cups.  With two little boys, plastic is a must, and no matter the dry setting I use on the dishwasher, they always come out dripping wet.

So this was an essential project.

I'm excited to make more of these.  I know they will be lovely shower gifts, wrapped around wooden spoons and tied with a wide ribbon, and of course paired with my favorite shower gift of a newlywed cookbook.

I like the Cath Kidston-ish combination of fabrics so much, I want to piece together a quilt for our bed with it now.  How long do you think it would take my husband to notice the flowers and bright pink polka dots??  I'm sure he'd think they're very manly!


  1. Adorable, as always. My husband sounds like your husband. But,he would notice the moment he came home.

  2. I have admired that tutorial by Darby for a while and it is one of the first projects that I want to try once I learn to sew (I go to class on Monday). You did great...I love it.

  3. Love the dishmat. I really need to put a few of those together. Jackie

  4. Very nice! I like to use glass too, but you're right--with kids, plastic is a must. We have a cabinet full of pink and purple cups. :)

  5. cute! think I might need to dust off my sewing machine.

  6. That is cute! And if I had one I could take that exact picture! I have those Ikea cups, Gerber bowls, and sippies!


  7. I just found your blog and I'm so glad I did! It's so pretty!

  8. Hi, just discovered your blog. Love this dishmat. Its very very lovely. The mix of fabrics is just great.

  9. I've had this on my to-do list since I saw Darby's! Yours is lovely :-) I'm in the process of a kithcen/dining re-do, so I think I'll wait until I get everything figured out...it has to match, ya know.

  10. Hi

    Great post - great blog - I'm anxious to go back and read more -

    Glad I found you


  11. I like the Cath Kidstonish too! Lovely fabric combination. I think I need one of those. Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. 1/4 of my counterspace is for drying bottles and such - dish mat is so necessary!


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