Baby shower fun

Good friends of ours are expecting their first little one in March.  Their baby shower was this afternoon and it was such a great time! 

Anywho, I've been anxious to share the gifts I made, but I didn't want to spoil it, just in case the mom-to-be peeked at my blog.  Now that it's safe, here goes...

A whimsical stroller blanket.

And a few coordinating burpies.

Who says gender neutral baby things have to be green and yellow?

Obviously I've been going to town making bias tape lately. 

And I just love this idea...I've been to a few showers recently that have requested that guests skip cards and bring a book for baby instead.  How clever...a "card" that you get to treasure forever!

Now we just have to wait until March to meet the new little guy or girl...


  1. Beautiful!!! Red is the most perfect gender neutral colour!!

  2. I love the blanket, the red, its all very cute what special gifts.


  3. Luv all the red and white...that blanket is soooo stinkin cute! I'm giving a baby shower in two weeks and I'm lovin' the book idea...thanks for sharing this awesome idea:)


  4. Such a log of sweetness and all in one very neatly tied package! BOOKS!! YES!! A very good thing.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  5. Great choice in colors!
    And I like the idea of a book instead of a card.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love the blanket, how sweet! My sister had a little girl 10 months ago and she did the same color theme. I love red for a new baby!

  7. Oh what great gifts, I love the colors!! I'm sure she loved them.

    I was wondering if you put that tile down yourselves? If you have any tips, please share! This will be our first tiling attempt and we're a bit nervous.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  8. Hey awesome idea about a book instead of a card. Could be used for birthday gifts too! Loving that red polka dot fabric. Soooo adorable!

  9. my friend just had a shower with books instead of cards. I thought that was fantastic. If I ever have a shower again (and so would have to have a little girl to do so), that's what I'll do. I should have done that anyway - I love books.

  10. Ok. I love, love, LOVE the red and white for a "neutral" baby gift. And I MUST remember the bring-a-book-instead-of-a-card for the next baby shower I'm involved in. Thanks for the inspiration, as always!

  11. What a darling gift Cheryl! The mom to be will treasure it!

  12. Great that will be treasured for a while I'm sure. I love the red!

  13. Wow - those are just amazing!!! I love the colors too. And what a cute idea about bringing a book instead of a card. I love that!


  14. What a lovely gift! I love the stroller blanket. Bringing a book rather than a card is a fantastic idea! With the amount of money cards cost, books are just a few dollars more and can be enjoyed over and over again!

  15. Great job! I love the colors, just gorgeous and the book idea is fab!!!

  16. Lovely... i just love the red and white :)

  17. This is the most lovely baby gift EVER!!!!!!!! Your friends are lucky to have you.


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