Something fishy's going on around here...Valentine shirts for boys

In an attempt not to misplace my girliness on my boys this Valentine's Day, these are the shirts I came up with. 

I used Heat 'n Bond Lite to applique the fish and their little (heart shaped, of course) fins before sewing them. 

The fins are the tiniest, most intricate sewing I've done in a long time.

For the air bubbles, I cut 3 graduated, free hand hearts on freezer paper.  A craft punch would be perfect for this.

Then I cut a tiny border around the remaining heart. 

I ironed the first piece of freezer paper to the shirt.

And then the heart inside of that, leaving a thin, even border.

Then I painted with 3 coats of matte fabric paint.  Once it was dry, I ironed the paint to set it.

Easy, sweet, and festive.  And not the least bit girly!


  1. Awesome! Perfect for boys! I love your new banner by the way!

  2. The shirts turned out sooo cute!

    And I love your new banner too! :)

  3. Handsome! I love these.

  4. Now THOSE are some darn cute shirts!!!

  5. I love them!

    I'll take a size Xl in womens!

    (Just kidding..but you did ROCK those shirts)

  6. How cute!
    I love it. (and my son who is crazy about fish would be crazy about this shirt!)

  7. What a cute idea and so perfect for boys!

  8. Cheryl

    That is sdorable. You did a fabulous job.,

    I have a give-a-way going on and others just around the corner.


  9. Those are so darn cute!!! You did a great job :)

  10. How adorable! It's hard to find valentine's stuff for boys.

  11. SO cute...for a boy's shirt :) Love it!

  12. Super cute! Glad the boys will get to be part of the Valentines fun!

  13. Cute shirt! You have some amazing ideas! Love your crafts!

  14. i love this boy shirt... but i'm still thinkin' my 13 year old would not approve :) hoping i'll find him an idea though!

  15. That is super cute...I want my little guy to have a cute v-day shirt like all the girls...but they always look, well, girly:) This is a great way to make it "boy cute"...

  16. Hi Cheryl. This is just precious. Wonderful job and great tutorial.

    Hugs...Tracy :)


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