Little hot mitts for your little chef

Santa brought a play kitchen for Christmas this year.  And what does every kitchen need? 

Hot mitts.

Since nothing slips by my 3 year old safety inspector, he's been insisting he needs hot mitts in order to take anything out of the oven. 

Like how I cleaned the toys off the table before I took the picture?

So I whipped these up last night.

They couldn't be easier.  They're just two 7 by 7 inch squares of fabric sandwiching in a layer of super thin batting and a small piece of grosgrain ribbon for hanging.  Topstitch, being sure to get the opening closed, and that's it!

Here's to many more meals of delicious plastic food, "hot" out of the oven!


  1. Super cute! So easy I might make one, or more!

  2. are such and awesome mom. How cute are these?!

  3. SOOO cool... for all the hot dishes!

  4. Creative minds must run in your family.

  5. Just the cutest thing EVER!

    Ally @ High Heels & Aprons

  6. I need to know where to find that turtle fabric. I've got a friend whose daughter is MAD about turtles! Please help!!

  7. Heidi...I got the turtle fabric from JoAnn's, probably 8 months ago or so. I hope they still have it for you!


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