Simple project #2: grosgrain ribbon napkins

This is an easy, super cute way to dress up plain jane dinner napkins.  Perfect for a last second hostess gift. 


I dug through my trims and ribbons and took out all the pretty reds.  Then I just sewed them on a set of plain white dinner napkins.

So simple, but still so pretty!

And thank you to everyone who sent links to my santa on ebay.  You guys rock!!  I ordered one, and it should be here just in time for Christmas!  

If anyone's interested, there's a set of these napkins in my shop.  All of my items are shipping the same day, so you'll get 'em for Christmas.


  1. Cutie-pah-tootie! I've got a freind that does something similar to plain white burb cloths - got some as a gift and Loved using them!! ;)

    I'm hosting my very first linky party this week (Wed.) Highlighting Family Christmas Traditions - I'm sure you've got some great ones to share! Everyone who participates is eligable to win a FAB give-away too. Hope you'll stop by!


  2. ps - so sorry for that horrible display of spelling above - that's what I get for typing and talking at the same time!

  3. These are darling - of course they are red. My favorite is the ric rac!

  4. Those are really cute! And I'm glad you found a replacement!

  5. Ahhh... red, my favorite color. Sew in a straight line. Now, I can do that! That is my kind of sewing. Great idea. Thanks.

  6. well those are just cute! have a very merry christmas!

  7. I would like to invite you to a party...please bring these as a hostess gift.
    Thank you! :)
    Visiting from Kimba's.

  8. Oops---in my excitement to comment on your other post, I forgot to comment on this one. ;) LOVE these napkins...what a cute idea for any time!! I've never sewed ric-rac before...all those curves scare me. ;)

    Visiting from Kimba's party. I hope you'll stop by. :) Here's my link:

  9. these are sew :) cute! I love them. I just sent this link to my daughter, who is needing a little practice sewing. This would be a great project for her and they would look great in her kitchen. Thanks for sharing!
    Happy New Year!


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