Max's Christmas tree

The poor bush in front of my house never saw it coming when I showed up with a pair of garden shears and a can of white spray paint. 

At least the poor thing lost a limb for a good cause...

So that branch, combined with my IKEA flower pot, red pom pom trim and $10 worth of mini ornaments turned out pretty well.

And for some reason, whenever I see a Christmas "tree" like this, I always think of The Grinch's poor dog, Max, with that branch strapped to his little head! 


  1. Poor Max! I love the little ornaments on the tree, where did you get those?

  2. I love the pom pom trim - it goes perfect with your home.

  3. Fabulous!
    Wow! You really nade the most of that trip to Ikea!

  4. Love it...but love that super cool lampshade next to it even more! :)

  5. so cute. the trim is the perfect size and weight for that tree. very sweet.
    have a ? for you...have you ever glued anything to artist canvas?? i'm trying out a project, but i want it to be done correctly before i do it for real... :) will you hop over to my blog and check out the "happy 4th bday" post?? the last photo is what i'm working on. i just used elmer's spray adhesive, but it kinda made it the photo have an oily'll see. let me know if you have ANY ideas.


  6. That's beautiful!! I've heard of people doing stuff like this with live branches, but never seen the end result.
    ha-and it does kinda look like the grinches' dog!!


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