Casualties of the season

This is heartbreaking.

I can't blame my 2 3(!!!) year old... 

Or my 11 month 1(!!!) year old... 

Not even the cat.

Nope, just their klutzy bonehead of a mother can take credit for this.  That Martha Stewart santa tree topper was from our first married Christmas.  Not only did it have sentimental value, it was one of my favorites.

And of course no one sells it anymore. 


Okay ebay, work your magic and help a girl out...


  1. I'm so sorry!!! Maybe you could check Ebay.

  2. awww, RIP Santa! Maybe time to pick a NEW fave?

  3. awww.. that stinks Cheryl. It happens to the best of us! Our (real) tree topper is a stuffed cow. Our first christmas 20 yrs ago we didn't have a angel or star and my husband stuck the cow on top as a joke.. and she's been there ever since. (Years later I gave her wings and a halo) I would be terribly sad to lose it. I hope you can find a special replacement.

  4. I just sent you the link. I went to ebay and I think I found the topper!

    Good Luck!

    Love your blog!!!

    Kolein - NY

  5. Oh no! We had a bunch of casualties....but they were my fault too for hanging the breakable ones too low!

  6. Oh no, I'm so sorry! I hope you can find one on Ebay-- I hate when stuff like that happens :(

  7. we have a 2 year old and who knocks over the tree???????????? My dog


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