Black Friday

How was your Black Friday? 

Did you camp out in the Best Buy/Walmart/Macy's/fill-in-the-blank parking lot?

Did you find lots of bargains? 

The boys and I went to the fabric store, Michael's and the thrift store, had lunch at McDonald's and went home to listen to Christmas music and watch Toy Story.  It was great!

I'm also chipping away at that to-do reusable market bags/Christmas gift bags are done! 

After reading lots and lots of tutorials and very nearly dismantling my LL Bean Boat and Tote with a seam ripper, I came up with something I really like. 

Really like.  As in, had to make a few extra for myself.  The one for you, one for me Christmas presents continue...

Do you like them too?  I've listed some in my shop!


  1. We didnt camp out, but we started at 11:30 at Toys R Us, and ended at about 10 at CVS!

    The bags are cute!

  2. I LOVE the bags. I'm currently trying to find a tutorial I like for tote bags. I'm hoping to use these instead of gift wrap this year.

  3. Very cute-
    No camping out here.Just decorating this weekend. Come take a look at my 4 unique kiddos theme trees.


  4. I spent my black friday max'n and relax'n with the fam. I don't think I've ever actually shopped on black friday. I did, however, WORK several black fridays back when I worked in retail management...maybe that's why I don't shop that day now... HA! ;)

  5. Those are so dang cute!!! I did not do the shopping thing, too much craziness for me!! LOL..


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