Big day out: IKEA

I temporarily lost my mind this morning and decided to pack up my boys and head to IKEA.  We Chicagoans are so lucky; we have 2 IKEAs nearby!  I've been compiling my IKEA list for months and knew that I'd be better off going to get the little things I need for Christmas now, rather than battle crowds later. 

So off we went...

Our cart resembled the pick up truck on the Beverly Hillbillies by the time we were ready to leave.  2 boys + a carseat + plus a ton of stuff  = hell on wheels.

I couldn't help myself.  I could live here.

And buy every last bright, colorful fabric in the joint.

I've come to terms with the fact that I am the girl that pushes the huge car cart.  I swear I don't run into anything when I'm pushing it. 

So after we got home and I plopped my overtired shopping partners into bed, I got to assess the situation. 

Jars for homebaked Christmas goodies. 

Every red fabric they had for Christmas bags.

These are going to be for the centerpieces at the boys' birthday party.  More on that and how to make them another post. 

A few Christmas decorating odds and ends.

Not quite sure what I was thinking when I bought the bird tray or heart fabric, but I'm sure they'll find a home somewhere around here.

All in all, a great (and productive!) trip. 

But I really don't think the three of us will be going back anytime soon...I need to regain my sanity for a few months first. 


  1. Oh, don't even say the word "IKEA"...I love that store! Your post made me want to go there so bad! I love the fabrics you picked out, very pretty!

  2. that is exactly what i bought when i went....the heart duvets and three bird trays! i had to have them. i couldn't live without those bird trays!

  3. I've been thinking of going there myself. I do love that store!
    What great finds!
    It does sound exhausting with two young boys.
    I don't think I would have tried it when my kids were young. Great job!

  4. I love IKEA too! I go to the one in Bolingbrook. It's a huge store. I don't thing I have ever looked at everything in there.

    I need to go back:-) Looks like ya'll had a great time.

  5. I'm the same way! I could go nuts at Ikea. I love the fabrics you picked and the lanterns. Great finds!

  6. Oh my goodness...Ikea is my SANCTUARY! My kids are that perfect age to leave them for an hour in the play area. Can you hear the angels singing? is the GREATEST! I've got a girlfriend with three little is one of our favorite place to meat to catch up. And we get to do it in peace!!

  7. I have only been to IKEA once and that was when I was in California. We have one in southern Ohio, about two hours away and I need to go. It looks like you really cleaned up!

  8. I'm so jealous - we don't have an IKEA in Denver, but when I lived in Phoenix we did. You have beautiful stuff. enough with the teases already - show us your projects!

  9. All of that loot and you remembered to bring the kids back home too?
    Umm, hello? I didn't see that package of cookies in your master christmas decorating plan? Or was that bribery material? ;o)

  10. Oh how I love Ikea. I'm about 2 hours from the Schaumburg Ikea. Loves it.

  11. I am 45 minutes from the Schaumburg IKEA and it is soooo worth the drive! My boys are always telling me ~ no more looky, lets go now. Thankfully, I can bribe them with the upstairs eatery. =)

    ~ Jill

  12. You got so many pretty things. I've never even been to an Ikea...Love the fabric.

  13. You were brave, Cheryl...but I am proud of you! What are you gonna do? Wait for Ikea until they grow up...NOT!

  14. I'm heading to the Schaumburg IKEA this weekend...can't wait, but I also won't have any kids in tow. Yea. Looks like you came out alive and with some great finds :) :)

  15. I just tried that at the Bollingbrook Ikea with 3 of my 5... oh holy mack! We had a 15 yr old pushing the cart and a seven and 9 month old in the double stroller being pushed by moi.. I had big ideas on Christmas shopping.. and well about 1 1/2 hrs later and lots of are you done yet's we trekked back to Normal with only 3 things.. agh.. next trip is mom only or mom and dad along to keep the kids at the food court! haha.. you did better than I :)

  16. I think the bird tray rocks ... and perhaps you were unknowingly thinking of me (a perfect stranger) when you bought it.

  17. I love, love, LOVE IKEA. The closest one to me is almost 2 hrs away. Probably a good thing because I'd likely spend a whole lotta money there if it was closer! Those are some fabulous goodies you pucked up!


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