T shirt pants: superheroes edition

Today was our nephew's 4th birthday party.  He is very into superheroes, especially Spiderman and Wolverine.  Nearly every gift he opened had something to do with the two of them.

These were part of our gift, thanks once again to Ashley's awesome tutorial.  Her pattern goes up to a 2T/3T, but to make these a 4T/5T, I just bought a "big and tall" tshirt, which added the few extra inches to the inseam I needed.

(I'm not sure why that second pic is so bright...even Picasa couldn't save it.  But since I've already given them away, it's too late now to take another pic!) 

And these were for my own 2 year old, who couldn't be left out of anything Spiderman.


  1. Look @ you, so crafty! So did he flip out? i love giving a present that really hits the mark, y'know? Good job!


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