It's starting to look a whole lot like Halloween around here!

All we have left to do is carve these beauties...


  1. Could you come decorate my house for me???
    These all look so cute and well put-together. You are so good!!

  2. oh goodness, how adorable is your house!? is it always that clean? How? lol I love that long picture holder you have. Very cool.

  3. Ok, I know it's a fall Deco post and all that but do you know what caught my attention? The books in BASKETS!
    I've got books stren all over the boys' bathroom/library. I have a cupboard they go in but they always seem to slide out and migrate to the countertops. I love those baskets! A fantastic idea!

  4. Cute decorations. I love the trick or treat banner! Have fun carving the pumpkins.

  5. Your house is so cute! Thanks for sharing.


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