It's almost here!

It's been a ghost town around here the past week, huh?  I think I just saw a tumbleweed blow by. 

But today is wedding day eve for my little sister...

The tiny tuxes are ready to go...

The Matron of Honor's toast is written (well, almost)...

We're all so very excited! 

And in other news, my big boy is getting even bigger...

Back to our regularly scheduled creativeness next week.  (And lots of wedding pics, too!)


  1. Isn't that eve of wedding insanity the best???


  2. I hope the wedding is just beautiful and you all have a great time. Great news for the big boy! Send some of those vibes my way if you would please.

  3. Have fun tomorrow - I've missed you this week.

  4. Awww, Big Boy Chonies! <:-}
    Congratulations, dude!
    Have a wonderful weekend- we'll be waitin for ya on the flip side!

  5. arrh speeches!!! Love your blog, you write really well! I'm following too now!

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