Done! Recycled tshirt hoodie

Remember last week when I said I'd be testing Ashley's newest pattern?  Well, it's done and I love it! 

Ashley's patterns are seriously awesome!  They're super clear and easy to follow.  When even a girl like me (meaning someone who usually wings it when it comes to patterns) can end up with such a great finished product, you know it's good.

If you'd like one for yourself, you can get the pattern here.


  1. You rock! Thank you so much! I just added a "thank you" linking to your blog. So pathetic that I forgot the first go round.....thank you thank you thank you!! LOVE the hoodie!


  2. You are just Miss Crafty aren't you? I envy your sewing prowess.

  3. Oooh - they look great. I might have to try this for my son, he always gets looked over!

  4. Now, that is just too cute! Those are some MAD sewing skills you have there!

  5. That is SO is hard to find cute boy's clothes isn't it? I still am not confident enough in my sewing ability to try this...maybe one day!

  6. I bought this from ashley about 4 weeks ago... still haven't tried it.... so happy to see yours! inspiration! (i have girl envy, so was just too excited to get the boys a pattern). I am procrastinating by convincing myself that I still need more options in my pile of possible fabrics to put together to make this. On another note there is an awesome reversible superhero (superman and batman) cape tutorial at if your little guys really love superheros!


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