The beauty that is the pumpkin farm

Autumn would not be complete to me without a trip to the pumpkin farm.  I love the beauty. I love the simplicity.  I am not an outdoorsy girl in the least, but I could spend hours out in those fields, admiring. 

Each dimple, groove, imperfection...I loved it all!

Is it any wonder that I came home to upload my pictures and I had a whopping 118?!  (Yes, many, many of them were of my boys.)

And while we may not have come home with any of those beautiful pumpkins, I did manage one tiny momento...

Why, that certainly is a pink Hello Kitty Band-Aid.  I live in a house full of boys...I'm allowed a girly little thing once in a while!


  1. Lovely pics. We have been looking for land in the country and I recently informed hubby that I wanted to open a pumpkin patch. haha.... I grew one pumpkin plant this year and it produced 32 pumpkins. How hard can it be?

    lol... he wasn't so sure.

  2. I got punkins this weekend...and I got to play with goaties. Unlike you, I has to photos. :)

  3. Now those are some pumpkins. We didn't see nearly that many and oh how I would have loved it.:)


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