A trip to the antique fair

Just thought I'd brag about share some of the great loot I scored yesterday. 
It's very possible every single person there hated me.  I was the girl with the humungous double stroller and two antsy boys. 
Note to self:  next time, start asking around for babysitters earlier than the day before.
Just in time for naps, we were back.  (Imagine what other goodies I could've shoved in the trunk if I didn't have the biggest stroller ever invented.)
Then I got a chance to actually look at what I bought.
The new collection that I've started as of today:  jadeite (is that what it's called?)  Whatever it's called, I'm in love!
And then I started playing with where I wanted to put everything...
And then my helpers woke up and started the product testing...
All in all, a great day!


  1. Sweet!
    Yeah next time go sans kidlets...you can buy more stuff!!!

  2. Good finds! I like that white chair! Hard to find a wooden chair in good shape. The milk glass is great...I always look for it at Goodwill, but mine never has any!

  3. i am so jealous! i love thrifting/antiquing. great start to a new collection!

    okay, so i just now noticed your comment on my longest post i have ever written...about me breastfeeding my twins. i don't know how i missed your comment, but i did. thanks you so much for your kind words. really. it mean a lot. we are still "at it" now 14 months...i have introduced whole milk to them after their first bday, but we are still nursing as well. never one drop of formula, however.

    thanks for visiting the nest. now, i must take a peak at some of your other posts. your first one here, stopped me in my tracks. i really do love thrifting. it is so fun. even more fun when the kids are napping. :) take care & have a great week!

  4. p.s.

    i just read your trick on how to hang something on plaster walls. hello!!! i am so going to try this tomorrow. 92+ year old house & counting. thank you for this!!!!

    hey, btw...i think we had the biggest stroller ever made. a triple. ugh. i hated it. paid way too much & ended up with a hurt back ever stinkin time i had to get it out. UGH. we downsized to a macclaren umbrella twin stroller. the best thing we ever did. will hold up to 45 lbs in each seat, fyi. worth every penny!

  5. Looks like a lot of fun! I went to Brimfield today----its a HUGE antiques fair---over 3000 vendors....

    Fun, fun, fun!

  6. I LOVE that green plate/platter you found. It's beautiful!!

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