T shirt pants

Sometimes I get so frustrated because all the "good" sewing projects are for girls. You know, ruffles, t shirt dresses, headbands.


Well, there's hope for the mamas of little boys! Ashley, the queen of re-fashioning tshirts, came up with a tutorial for making pants from tshirts, I knew I had to try. Her tute is seriously awesome. I made 2 pairs, in probably about an hour. (If it weren't for having to cut a lot with scissors instead of my rotary cutter, it would've taken even less time!)

A $7 Superman t shirt from Walmart turned into these...

The only 2 seconds he actually held still for me to take a pic of them on...

An Oscar the Grouch tshirt I stole from my husband's drawer. I'm not sure where it came from, being that it's Sesame Street and he's 33 years old and all...

Smarty Pants over here thought it would be a good idea to use Heat n Bond to hold the appliques in place before I sewed them on...too bad I did it with an iron so hot it melted the print.

Next up, more super hero pants...

This was such a fun and easy project, no tshirt in this house is ever going to be safe again.


  1. How cool! I've seen her tutorial but, I haven't tried it yet. You've given me the courage to try. It will have to be T-Shirt shorts for my boys. They are 3 and 4. I'm going to go dig in my hubby's closet now. I know he has a few of those superhero shirts that don't fit him anymore.

  2. these are adorable and I love your choice of tee! i have a friend who is having a boy so I'm definitely coming back to this project!

  3. cool! If I ever have a sewing machine (or learn to sew well by hand), I'll do this. It's sweet & we go through t-shirts left & right.

  4. They look awesome! I almost bought those same tees ;)

    And you must know...the flaming pants tutorial was JUST for you because you always say there are never any boy tutes.....

  5. You have great design talent...seriously, those look they should be in some expensive boutique store! Super good job!

  6. Such a GREAT idea!! I love them---I will have to look into this....


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