Super quick craft = super happy 2 year old

Toy Story is a big hit in our house right now. I made these magnets this afternoon, and they've been an even bigger hit. They've gone from the fridge to the chalkboard back to the fridge and everywhere in between.

Who would've guessed that cutting up a box of fruit snacks otherwise bound for the recycling bin could bring such great joy?

(Of course be careful with magnets around little ones...we all know they're choking hazards and very dangerous if swallowed!)


  1. Those are great! Sienna is obsessed with Buzz!

  2. Isn't that the easiest crafty thing ever?!?

    These are fabulous QUICK I need a gift for _______.

  3. LOVE these...they turned out great and its such a fun idea.

  4. We did something like this in VBS one year when I helped. It's so easy and fun for kids! I should do this for Moose - I could get pictures of his favorite characters online.

  5. again...I should do this for Moose & Squirt...


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