Price my space, Part deux

The Nester is having a Price My Space party again. Oh, how I love a party! This time around I decided to price our guest room.

I'll admit we don't often have guests stay the night, but it was put to good use when we had a newborn in the house. I spent many sleepless nights in this room while Hubby slept peacefully upstairs.

I wish I had pictures of this room from when we bought the house. It was a Southwestern themed room--complete with a dream catcher on the wall, pink walls and turquoise trim. Nothing like my style. I like that it's now a calm and peaceful retreat.

And here we go...

1. Toile bedding (Marshall's) $50 for the queen size set. Have I ever mentioned how much I love toile? Well, maybe once or twice.
2. Headboard (my mother in law) free. This was orginally a cheap oak color, but I painted it with white high gloss paint for its makeover. Even white, iy's not really my style, but free's free. I still don't know what to put on the shelves, so they've been empty for the past 5 years.
3. Dresser (Target) free. I have the same dresser in the Little Guys' room. I received the dresser as a baby shower gift, but when parts were missing, Target sent a whole new dresser. Of course I kept the broken one and replaced the pieces.

4. Birdcages (Michael's and Pier 1) All less than $10. I recently fell in love with them, and now am constantly on the hunt for more!
5. Botanical prints (Ebay by way of a good friend) free. One of my girlfriends bought a vintage book full of botanical prints and was generous enough to share them with me. The "art" is nothing more than pages out of that book. I bought the frames (with mats) on sale at Michael's for $5 each.

6. Dresser again. I know I already listed it, but I don't want to go back and re-edit the photo.
7. Books and alarm clock (IKEA and used book store) I think $6-7 for the clock and a few dollars for the books. I love how Pottery Barn always shows books without jackets turned backwards, so this is my attempt at it.
8. Lamp and shade (Target) $30. I actually bought this lamp and two others for the nursery, but after rearranging furniture, I had an extra and moved it. I bought the shade a year or two later.
9. Cheesy picture of horses and frame (IKEA) probably around $25. I'm usually not a fan of "art" like this, but I needed something for the space before a party, so this is what I decided on. I actually really like it.
10. Toolbox (Homegoods) $10. I have a small collection of old wooden toolboxes. I fill them with different decorations throughout the year. My favorite is Christmas when I put shiny vintage ornaments in it--the contrast between the wood and the shiny glass is so pretty!
11. My favorite red flower pot (JoAnn's) $5. I found this pot on clearance last summer and am SO glad I did.

12. Wicker nightstand (Pier 1) free. My sister bought this on sale last summer. I love the weathered green color. Yes, that is an Elmo toy on the bottom!
13. Bookcase (Michael's) $30. I bought this bookcase when I was in college as a craft project and have held onto it. The paint has changed many, many times. Right now it's a pretty sage.
14. Desk lamp (Martha Stewart Everyday from Kmart) $20. I love the curve of the lamp and the contrast of its color with the wicker.
15. Canvas (VonMaur) and framed monogram (DIY project) $15 total. I found the butterfly canvas in the gift shop department of VonMaur and I made the framed monogram out of supplies I had laying around.

16. Stool (Target) $30. I bought this Shabby Chic stool to go with my vanity, but changed my mind about how it looked, so I made it over. I wanted it in our family room, but in the mind of my 2 year old, it is the perfect way to reach the light switch, so it's found a new home here.
17. Louvered armoire ( $150. I keep all kinds of extra linens and towels in here.
18. Framed Mary Cassat line drawing. I found this picture in on of my old art books and had it matted and framed. Easy peasy!

19. Framed photo. Priceless. This is a picture of my grandma and grandpa from the 40s. I love it!
20. Little birdie (Smith and Hawken at Target) $5. This little guy was too cute not to bring home.
21. Glass candle holders (Michael's) $15 for the two. In all the time they've been there, never once have they been lit.
22. Plate and rack (Pier 1) $5. I really am looking for a pretty, vintage china pattern to put here, but I haven't found the perfect one just yet.
23. Crock (Homegoods) $15. I love vintage crocks. But after learning my lesson winning one on Ebay for $5 and then paying $49 in shipping, I limit myself to in store purchases only.

24. Wicker chair (IKEA) $30. This is the perfect little seat for reading. I made the cushion cover out of leftover fabric I had around.
25. Weird needlepoint dog pillow (Ebay) $20. I bought this when I was pregnant and I swear the hormones made me do it. I don't even really like dogs. I do really love the needlepoint, though.
26. Handknit blanket (my great grandma) priceless. I can remember curling up in this blanket as a little girl. It's the sweetest shade of pink and since I was young when she passed away, one of the few memories I have of my great grandma is of her sitting on the couch knitting.

For anyone who cares, the walls are Sherwin Williams Navajo White. I love this color so much I have it in 3 rooms in our house. It's such a nice, warm oatmeal color.

I hope you enjoyed the tour!

And if you're interested, you can find my space from the last party here.


  1. Love it! Can I come for a visit?


  2. I love your guest room!! When can I come over to stay? ;) The bird cages are adorable, and I love the wicker chair...that's a great idea for a guest room. I am taking notes here. :) Visiting from The Nester's party. :)

  3. Turn your bookcase/headboard into a headcase (so ridiculously cheesy I should be ashamed, is it sick I am not?)... Fill it with antique books! Room looks comforting.

  4. What a beautiful guest room! I bet they never wanna go home, though!

  5. I love your guestroom! It's so cozy. And you've decorated it so sweetly.


  6. First, I LOVE the title of your blog!!

    And then, what great shopping, I adore those bird cages and the prints handing behind them. What a wonderful space to invite guests into...


  7. Love it! I want to come stay at your house! :)

  8. What a lovely room - I'm surprised your guests ever leave... to peaceful, I'm not sure you'd get me out of there!

  9. Wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog and have given you an award! Stop by to see which one :O)

  10. this room is gorgeous! perfect for guests, you could just snuggle up in this room...

  11. How great that you have such a warm, cosy room! I love toile also---adds so much warmth.

  12. You got such great deals! I love your never used candle holders and that lamp - Kmart has surprisingly cute things :)

  13. that is such a great post! i love to know all your secrets about where stuff comes from! did it take you a long time to pull all that info together? i feel like we have similar shopping habits.

  14. It's all beautiful. You've got a great eye for decorating!


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