More party prep

I had another busy day prepping for tomorrow's party. Here's a peek at some more fun stuff.

Presents wrapped and ready to go.

Festive desserts for the bride to be.

Party prep headquarters, also known as the disaster area, also known as my kitchen.

My homemade raspberry buttercream frosting. It goes perfectly with chocolate cupcakes, and it's so easy. Take 2 sticks of super, super soft (but not melted) butter, a few heaping spoonfuls of raspberry jam and mix it with powdered sugar until it's the perfect consistency (probably about 4-5 cups, but I've never measured, I just eyeball it). Easy peasy!

The girl that does the mixing gets to lick the beaters. It's a rule. (Rule will be ignored if a 2 year old boy is present.)

Flowers fresh from the market sitting patiently in the sink, ready to be arranged. What flower says August and end of summer more than gladiolas?

I try to get all of my serving pieces ready to go. It helps calm my inner control freak when guests arrive and insist on helping. All they have to do is go in the fridge and take out what I've already done.

The open spot is for tomatoes. We all know tomatoes don't ever go in the refridgerator! The white vegetable on the upper right is jicama. It blows my mind that people have no idea what it is and ask if I put out a raw potato. Now that I've said that, have you had it before?

Another super easy dip to whip up and it disappears in a flash. Take a jar of Fluff and mix it with an 8 oz. bar of cream cheese. That's it. (A tip to get Fluff out of the jar easily: run your spoon under super hot water and then scoop it out.)

Glad Press 'n Seal is my BFF!

I always try to get as much done the night before a party as I can. It makes me feel better knowing that everything is ready to go when I wake up the next morning. You never know when a certain little boy is going to boycott his nap or when another is going to insist on being held all day.

I can't wait to share the pics from tomorrow night!


  1. yum yum - I'm coming over! I hope the shower I go to today is as cool as yours (and has food as it's at 12:30)

  2. You ARE the coolest mom on the block and now you are the coolest SISTER!
    Don't forget to show us pictures of the coolest Bridal Shower.

    (thanks for the recipe, I', going to try it this weekend)

  3. It's going to be awesome! Everything looks great. i'm a big fan of Press and Seal, too!


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