$20 thrift store challenge

Ok, it wasn't that much of a challenge since I was the only one participating. (And had I seen a piece of makeover-worthy furniture, I would have run right back out to the car to get my wallet.) But humor me here, people.

I sometimes (okay, a lot of the time) go a little nuts in thrift stores because I feel like I'm getting such a great bargain I can't pass anything up. I end up spending more than I plan without realizing it.

So, I went into the antique store with a $20 bill and this is what I managed to bring home.

Milkglass bowl ($2.50), green juice glasses (25 cents a piece), pewter tray ($3). I can't wait to use those glasses for votives or as itty bitty vases.

A seriously heavy platter ($5), pewter bowl ($4), two mason jars (25 cents a piece).

I've shared my love of vintage schoolhouse light fixtures. For $4, I'm keeping this one for a rainy day when I find its perfect home.

Grand total: $19.75, and treasures, every one!

Now what can you do with 20 bucks at the thrift store??


  1. I really like that milk glass bowl you got. I'm getting into that more. Looks like you hit the jackpot with everything!


  2. I loves that milk glass bowl...yummm....nice finds.

  3. You are the Coolest!
    Don't know if I can top this.

  4. Hi Cheryl,
    Those ARE some fabulous treasures. I love schoolhouse lights. So cute!


  5. Stopping over from SITS. I am thrilled you found mason jars at the thrift store. I'm "stocking up" as we are using them for inexpensive center pieces for our wedding reception. I would have NEVER thought to look there! Have a good day!

  6. I love thrift stores. I'm looking for hand-painted trays!

  7. I have never really given thrift stores a chance, it is now clear to me that I am really missing out on something!

  8. Great finds - I had an idea to talk to you about and can't find your email anywhere. Could you email me? laurelmacd@gmail.com Thanks Cheryl

  9. Looks like you scored with your 20 bucks! Love the little green glasses.


  10. The next time you decide to have a challenge I am SOOOO there!!!! I'm willing to take that challenge and link up to your site.

  11. Oh----I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE thrift stores! I get that rush when I smell that thrift store smell---like "what will I find?"

    Love your finds----I tend to go for clothes, though....


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