Shower curtain turned pleated table skirt

This is the new look of my vanity table in our bedroom. It was desperate for a makeover.

The whole project took me no more than a half hour (with 2 little monkeys at my feet the whole time) and didn't require any cutting or sewing!

So...from the beginning, this is how it looked before today. It's cute and somewhat functional, but I'm really not in love with it.
I bought this when Target started carrying their Simply Shabby Chic line a few years ago. I raced out to get the vanity table and the matching stool. I love Rachel Ashwell and her style, it fit perfectly between our newly built his and hers closets, and I thought the price was reasonable. (So not-the knobs have fallen off the drawer at least once a week since I bought it and the legs keep coming completely unscrewed. The reviews on say about the same thing.) Now I probably wouldn't buy the set again-I'd find something at an antique store or flea market and work with it from there. Live and learn...

Anyway, underneath is typically this mess of products and other random junk sitting there looking ugly.
And who doesn't have a pile of maternity clothes? It's not like I've not been pregnant for 7 months or anything.

So anyway, in a recent fit of extreme girliness, I bought this pink toile shower curtain. I didn't have a home for it, but it was just so pretty! (I really could be happy decorating only in gingham and toile for the rest of my life.)
Anyway, I found the perfect girly home for her, repurposed as a skirt for my pathetic, knobless little vanity. Of course, I couldn't bear to cut it, just in case, one day, I may actually hang it in our bathroom.

So here's what I did.

My table is 29ish inches or so high. I folded the shower curtain in half and ironed it.

Then I folded it down the remaining 7-8 inches to get it to be about 30 inches, so it would fall and drape nicely on the floor.

I found the center top and marked it with chalk.
I found the center of the table and put a prickly piece of Velcro on it. The Beanie Baby pig is a must.

I put a fuzzy piece of Velcro on the shower curtain where I marked the center and then attached it to the prickly side on the table.

Now for the pleat. Of course my picture of this step was blurry, and my best explanation is I did &*#&(^% and then I did &!#%$#.

What I did, in words, was put a 2 inch piece of prickly Velcro in the center top, directly on top of the last pieces.

Then, 6 inches to the left and 6 inches to the right of the prickly piece of Velcro, I put a 1 inch piece of fuzzy Velcro.

I took the two pieces of fuzzy Velcro and joined them in the center to the prickly Velcro.

I then put a piece of prickly Velcro on each corner of the table and a fuzzy piece on the back of the shower curtain and wrapped it around the table.

And there you have it.

Now all I need is new seating. Stick around to see how I made over the old one!


  1. Stopping by to give a little blog ♥

  2. I love no cut and no sew! Thanks for the great idea.

  3. You are the coolest mom! I found you on SITS ans love your blog. I'll be back for sure! Come and see me sometime. I'd love to paint something cool for you!

  4. very very cute! I have a bedroom with all b&w toile...this is a great idea for the small TV cabinet I have in there that is UGLY!

  5. turned out great! very creative.

  6. Wow, I wish I was as crafty as you! Nice job!

  7. I'm all about not cutting and sewing...and if a project can turn out as great as this one has without either, I'm IN!! Love it.

  8. It is it...and the pink die for.

  9. THanks for sharing...although it reminds me that I have a few cover-ups I need to get to with fabric! Love your blog! Love DIY DAY!

  10. Very Cute Cheryl !
    Watch out for monkeys hiding underneath, LOL !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  11. What a cute shower curtain. So glad that you didn't cut it, just in case. Love it!

  12. What a great project! It looks so good!

  13. That came out really pretty! Great makeover!


  14. Best information on curtain. Really appreciate with the given information. I liked it a lot


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