Spray paint makeovers

Spray paint is my favorite way to make a quick change. Well, Menard's had Rustoleum on sale and I went a little crazy with it over the weekend.

Good spray paint reminders:
1. Latex dries much faster than oil based. Unless you have a real reason to use oil, I would always recommend the quick-drying latex. Be patient either way. I've stuck my impatient little fingers in tacky paint way too many times to "just check". Don't do it.
2. Lightly sand what you're painting. It'll be enough to help the paint adhere. I never use primer, just a little sandpaper before I start. (And don't forget to completely clean the surface when you're done. You don't want to paint over the gritty little sanding bits!)
3. Keep the can a good 10-12 inches away from what you're painting. The paint won't pool up, and you'll avoid any runs or drips.
4. Thin coats!! The first coat should barely cover what you're painting. Several thin coats will cover much better and result in a better finished product than one super thick coat. You'll also avoid the runs and drips this way. Think of it like you're getting a manicure-3 thin coats beat 1 thick one.

The befores...

Remember my flea market finds? They're ready for a change.

I was way too indecisive over this table. Red, green, black...leave it white? It was impossible for me to make a choice!

I got this vase at Homegoods last summer. It's a pretty Tiffany blue, which I love, but doesn't look right anywhere in our house. Just a little too beachy and seaside-ish for me.

My Michael's clearance stars from 2 years ago. I think I paid about $1 each at a 70% end of summer sale, but the green is just way too drab.

And now...the afters.

I put the barn star in our entryway. I adore it in black!

This picture (of course, thanks again to my fantastic photography) does not do this vase justice. I love the buttery yellow, and it will look great in practically every room in our house.

I just adore this little chair in red. I think my new antique and flea market hunt is going to be for vintage children's chairs like these.

I finally decided on yellow for the table. I love the lines of it, and the light color really shows them off. I know I still desperately need to do a little table scaping here, but I'm stumped right now. (Although there's also something nice about it being so minimal and simple.)

So now for the next project... I want to paint the mirror before I hang it. It's currently a creamy color, and I was thinking about an antique bronze or maybe even a distressed black. Any suggestions?


  1. I too love spray paint:) My husband however hates it!! Stopping by from SITS to say hello!!

  2. Do you think spray paint would work on a changing table? Our table doesn't match the crib and I'd like to change it (later, of course).

  3. Thanks for the inspiration. I have a few things that need a makeover and I have never tried spray paint. I think I might have to pick up a few cans.

  4. Little children chairs - ooh I must have these. I'm on the look out starting right now.

  5. I just adore this little red chair! Too cute!


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