Antiquing finds of the day

I just so happened to wander into the antique store this afternoon. With two wiggly monkeys in tow, I only got a few minutes to look around, but I love what I came home with!

Vintage milkglass? You had me at hello.

Such sweet little dessert dishes.

And a pretty fruit bowl.
Imagine the damage had I actually looked around.


  1. Well how cool is that? Just love it when a good deal is found. And with two monkeys in tow, makes it extra special.

  2. I love milk glass! It was probably my first legitimate "antique" collection. It's inexpensive and so beautiful!

  3. I love things like this! Classic pieces that will never look bad.

  4. love love the milk glasses, i have a lamp made from the same material!!!!...thrift there any other way to shop for fun finds!!! (i think not)....enjoy your blog!


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