On belt-tightening...

I stumbled across this discussion somewhere online, and it's a good one. We all could stand to tighten our belts during our current economic situation (nevermind the fact that I will be sending at least 2 boys to college in less than 18 years!!), but when is it time to say when? What can't be given up? I, for one, know I still need to live my life.

And here is where I draw the line for sacrifice:

Getting my hair cut/colored professionally. I go to a fancy-shmancy salon. I like it. I love looking in the mirror and admiring my fresh, new hair, not to mention the 2 hours I have all to myself to while I'm gettin' all purrr-dy.

Pricey toilet paper, Kleenex, and paper towels. Paper products that resemble sandpaper have no place in my bathroom (ouch!), and cheap paper towels are just wasteful since I use twice as many.

Along those same lines, Pampers. I've tried Luvs. I've tried the Target and CVS brands. I don't like them. Pampers are the best for the two chubby little butts in this house. Anyone who suggests cloth diapers...yikes!

High speed internet. I mean seriously, is anyone willing to go back to their slowpoke, dial-up modem??

Cable TV. I grew up without it, but now that I've had it, there's no turning back. I could do without the movie channels, but my husband, not so much.

That wasn't too bad...right?

I happily clip coupons and buy generic store brand items. I shop at Costco so I can save by buying in bulk. I hold off on buying things until they go on sale. I love eBay and flea market finds. I try. I really do.

So, what's too much for you? What won't you give up?

ps. Don't forget today's Kimba's garden party!


  1. I'm going to agree on this:
    Getting my hair cut/colored professionally.
    and this:
    Pricey toilet paper, Kleenex, and paper towels.

    Doing your hair yourself and screwing it up will cost WAY more than just getting it done right the first time.

    The good stuff goes on sale too-stock up.
    I blogged about this back in December:

  2. Real butter! I will never eat that plasticy yellow stuff that is faux butter but they say it tastes like real! :o) Nope - I will pay the extra .75 and just go for it! :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  3. My husband and I had this talk about a week ago. If you had NO money, then I think I'm tough enough to give up most things. I wouldn't want to, but if I HAD to, I'm pretty sure I could.

  4. Aside from the pampers, I agree with you. And I'm going to sound like a spoiled brat here and say I don't want to live without my once weekly housekeeper either :-)

  5. I totally buy Pampers or Huggies (I don't have a preference between these).

    What else can't I live without? Obviously having a mode of transportation for myself.

    LOL I don't splurge much, I guess. We shop at Sam's Club and buy mostly generic food (except I won't buy generic mayo - yuck).

  6. Have you tried Target's newest off-brand? UP I think it's called? I looove them! And I was dead set serious on only getting the GOOD Huggies! LOL

    Great blog!

  7. I can't give up cable or high speed internet either. My husband bought one ply toilet paper and I thought I was going to die! I do love Targets' diapers and I am a Pampers lover, so I was surprised by that!

  8. I agree with you 100%...everything except diapers...my kids are all grown but if they WERE still young, I'd be buying the Pampers also. I have to add that I'm not giving up my DVR either. I love not having to look at commercials. So that I don't sound like I'm spoiled...I have started clipping coupons, getting books from the library instead of buying them, eating out less, recycling, and I got rid of my gas guzzler for a less expemsive and more fuel efficient vehicle. Every little bit helps.

  9. Let's see... won't give up Tivo, ac in the summer and the pooper scooper lady who comes up and cleans up the backyard weekly. :)

  10. Hi-speed internet, definitely. Also fair-trade chocolate.

    And eating out once a week. Other than that, I think we could give up most stuff.


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