My haul

Since it's been raining since yesterday and I'm not dragging this stuff through the rain, the best view anyone's going to get is from my trunk.

I got an itty bitty windsor chair for the Little Guys ($10), a table I'm planning on putting in the corner of my dining room ($5), that wooden planter thing for the million baby books we have floating around our family room ($12), and the grocery bag is filled with vintage milkglass bowls ($5 each). Aside from two adult sized windsor chairs I let slip through my fingers (and only 5 bucks each!!), a pretty good day. Now I need to get my spray paint and go to town on these bad boys.

Also, thanks to Kris and Heather for these super cool awards! You're the best.


  1. Great haul...or at least it will be once you get it inside!

  2. SCORE!!!! It looks great, even wet from the rain!

  3. Cool finds! Have fun painting.

  4. Great haul! Congrats on your awards!

  5. Wish you could send some of that rain here! Love that table and the little chair. Did you procrastinate too long on the big chairs? Naughty naughty, gotta grab 'em right away!

  6. Girl - I love your finds ! That table is so cute !!!!
    Hugs ~ Kammy


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