For the impatient gardener

I love looking at lush, overflowing, beautiful flower pots in my yard. What I don't love is waiting until August for them to grow that way on their own.

So when Home Depot had hanging baskets on clearance for $6.99, I scooped them up. On their own, they look cheap and a little tacky with the glaring white plastic pot and hanger.

But pop the plants out of the plastic planter and into an aged terra cotta pot, and they look full and great!
Here are a few other pretty flower pics from around the yard.

And my trusty assistant just so happened to find a few mud puddles to jump in while I was outside planting. Who would've guessed?


  1. Are those orange ones tiger lilies? We have some like that growing by our tree! So fun to have flowers (and not to have done anything to get them).

  2. Reminds me-I need to get photos of my yard...

  3. Beautiful pic's...and great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad you did - just read the top 5 posts or so and identified with all of them! (Especially the one with the quote about the kids being alive at the end of the day - oh yeah.)

  5. I did nearly the same thing, only mine was from Meijer. Remind me why I only bought one? It looks so pretty sitting in the enamel wash basin. Yours look amazing, too!


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