A big day

Little Guy #1 ate his first Happy Meal yesterday. Naturally, we had to take pictures.

The crowning jewel of the entire event? The Little Guy told me Ronald McDonald isn't wearing a hat, meaning he's riding his bike without a helmet.

My "safety first" indoctrination of my children? Working like a charm.


  1. Well, McDonald's should know to put a helmet on that poor clown!

    The first Happy Meal is always a big deal. Moose was much younger than I'd wanted, but we were hungry, it was open, and it served chicken. I do like now that you can get apples or juice or milk with the meal.

  2. Seems like such a simple toy for McDonald's I've been seeing so many crazy movie themed toys from them lately - it's nice to return to the orignals. :) That's so cute he recognized no helmet.

  3. LOL! Nice job! I love it when mine tell me that Swiper (from Dora) should go in the corner for not sharing! (Although they rarely practice what they preach!)

  4. How funny that he noticed there was no helmet!

    Stopping by from SITS. I love your blog!!


  5. Jo-I asked for the under 3 baby toy, otherwise we would've gotten a Night at the Museum one. I like the simpler one better, too!

    J-too funny!

  6. Did he LOVE it?! I am so bad....Sienna and I eat there about every other day. Biscuits and nuggets!

    So glad you liked the t-shirt pants! I'm trying to get more BOY projects going! I have a 3-day-old nephew now to sew for!

  7. Love this post! Stopping by from SITS!

  8. good for you for teaching your son about helmets! My son (10) still has never even attempted to ride anything without a helmet. Our rule has always been "wheels under you, helmet on" It's never been an option, so it's never been an issue. Hopefully it will stay that way.


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