Since you asked...

Where do you buy your variety of colorful fabric?

I shop all over, really, and mainly find myself in the big chain stores since I usually have two wiggly, impatient boys in tow.  I very rarely buy fabric online, because I think fabric shopping is such a tactile experience.  That said, when I find something I like, I buy it and worry about what I'll use it for later!

What kind of sewing machine do you have?

I have Singer Protege (which isn't made any more), Janome 8077, and a Brother 1034D serger.  They are all wonderful machines.

I'm just learning to sew.  What machine do you recommend?

Until recently, I'd only ever used Singer machines.  I think they are the easiest and most straight forward to use.  I would suggest buying a middle grade machine, so you don't need to upgrade too quickly. 

But whatever machine you buy, learn how to use it.  Read the manual.  Seriously.  I'm the kind of girl who doesn't read directions and likes to just figure things out, but I've learned about all kinds of functions and cool things my machines can do just by reading the manual.  I'm a dork.  I know.

Also, regular maintenance will save you a lot of aggravation.  I clean the lint out of mine with compressed air at least once a week, and take it to be serviced once a year.

Okay, I bought a sewing machine.  What else do I need?

Check out this post for a list of my sewing essentials.

What kind of white boxes do you use for treats?

I use these boxes by Wilton.  I usually buy them at Michael's.

Where do you sell the things you make?

There's a link to my etsy shop in my menu bar, as well as a mini-etsy on my sidebar.  Clicking on either of those links will take you directly there. 

How do I make a ruffle?

I (finally) put together a mini-tutorial on how to create a ruffle here

What kind are/where did you get the shoes you're wearing in your header?

They're maryjanes made by Diesel and I got them 7 or 8 years ago at Bloomingdale's.  I can't find a link to them anywhere.  Maybe try eBay.

Anything else you want to know?  Ask away in the comments or email me.  I'll continue to add questions and answers here for everyone to see.


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